A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Will our trust in technology be our downfall?

Songs of the Lost is a magic-realist game odyssey through a surreal and absurd digital landscape. You’ll cross boundaries and traverse borders, roam hidden highways and meet enigmatic strangers, explore secret forests and enter the void on your journey to Apocabliss, the last safe haven…

A psychedelic audiovisual experience, Songs of the Lost has been created for MIF19 by award-winning Canadian games designer Paloma Dawkins and a team of international collaborators – with a pulsing, shape-shifting soundtrack by electronic composer-producer Jlin, who’ll be performing live at MIF19’s Queens of the Electronic Underground.

Paloma Dawkins Game Concept & Direction
Jlin Composer
Dr Clement Shimizu Program Architect
Pariah Interactive Game Developer
James B Stringer Game Audio Designer
Ashley Obscura Writer
Brennan Letkeman 3D Artist
Evan Lovejoy Concept Artist
Dan Hett Technical Producer


Headphones recommended

For system requirements please visit here

PlatformsWindows, macOS


Songs of the Lost ~ Mac 193 MB
Songs of the Lost ~ Windows 186 MB


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Your games and their soundtracks are always the most best trippiest stuff, keep it up!

I love Casper and I'll never forget him ;_;7

will there be a soundtrack release?  Jlin fans gotta know!

Were the avatars in Apocabliss created by the development team, or are they from players? The idea of a collaborative art project like that is awesome.

They are indeed created by players! If you go through a second time you might see your last creation in the garden too. 

Sweet! I'll go take another look!

I kept the video as is (even with it getting framey in the first part, where it's red) because I absolutely adored every moment of this game. The writing was really well done, the moment to moment visuals are both surreal and extremely interesting and overall I just want more. Plus, the reveal at the end was super rad.

I don't know  what to say besides awesome and total mind freak

This is one of the best *space* games I've ever played. There's so much here, atmospherically. It's beautiful, and strange. I loved it! :~)