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idk what happened but it looked amazing

Loved the game but I made an avatar at the end and thats it!?

Interesting surreal game

l like the art style of this game

A game with an interesting journey that sends you to the far corners of art and imagination with unique and odd characters,blended with worlds that are both bizarre and crazy.

The art style is really good with a mix of hand drawn and 3d elements, mixed with bright and vivid colours.

This is definitely an experience that leaves an impression on you, the soundtracks also have an very interesting composition and really add to the world you journey through.

 Overall a pleasant experience and a really unique and interesting concept.

wow, that was a uniqe experience, how did you even came up with this. kind of reminded me of dear esther. an amazing sensation

thanks for the game, it's just awesome, i LOVE it!

This game is the definition of a cyber acid trip aha

Strange but good

this is so bizarre and unique, only wish there was more of it 

i have no words

i dont even know what i just played


Guys how to save it?

I don't want to download it right now but want to add it to my Library

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maybe add it to a collection?


This was such a great and trippy experience, absolutely loved it.

Beautiful game, i really liked it ! 

Ok... what are I doing haha


Your games and their soundtracks are always the most best trippiest stuff, keep it up!

I love Casper and I'll never forget him ;_;7

will there be a soundtrack release?  Jlin fans gotta know!

Were the avatars in Apocabliss created by the development team, or are they from players? The idea of a collaborative art project like that is awesome.

They are indeed created by players! If you go through a second time you might see your last creation in the garden too. 

Sweet! I'll go take another look!

Hello, great game by the way, but when I played the game, Apocabliss was empty? I did not see any avatars there. Do you have any idea why that might be? Thank you!

I kept the video as is (even with it getting framey in the first part, where it's red) because I absolutely adored every moment of this game. The writing was really well done, the moment to moment visuals are both surreal and extremely interesting and overall I just want more. Plus, the reveal at the end was super rad.

I don't know  what to say besides awesome and total mind freak

This is one of the best *space* games I've ever played. There's so much here, atmospherically. It's beautiful, and strange. I loved it! :~)